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A new generation of smart home


Smart home enables the digitization of the home that are designed to make your everyday life easier and better. BF 354 LLC, a leading supplier of smart home equipment and appliances, enables you to make your home safer, more enjoyable, and automated through technologies such as connected appliances, security cameras, and everything smart. We believe technology enables us to live in the future. So why not use it to our advantage and control everything at fingertips or through voice command.

Our large inventory of varied products include smart home management system, smart sensors, ceiling fans, lamps, sockets, locks, doorbells, speakers, TV displays, climate control equipment, etc. By integrating smart devices to our mobile application created with a modern and intuitive design by our developers for your convenience, we enable a fully intelligent smart home experience that improves the quality of living. BF 354 LLC helps you make your house more functional and a lot more automated, providing you with the liberty to operate it from anywhere by incorporating our devices and appliances at home.

We all deserve convenience and comfort in our homes to cope with the dynamic and hectic routines. Make sure you use the products at your disposal to enhance and modernize your way of living. Check out our available range and pick all that you want with just a few clicks. To know more about our smart home equipment, please visit www.bfsmarthome.com.

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Our advantage


Our products are easy to use and feature a simple user interface, allowing customers to easily configure and adjust parameter settings on their own.

Responsive Design

We help turn your vision into reality. Experience what you have dreamed of about smart living with us.


We are dependable enough to avoid circumstances when the entire house plunges into darkness due to a single device.


You can manage your home not just by the switches on your walls or panels, but also via laptop and a smartphone.

24/7 Support

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is always at your service, helping you make informed decisions at all the times.

Why Choose Us?

Since we acquire the products directly from the manufacture, there are no middlemen or extra costs involved.

We take pride in the quality of installation work that we deliver to our valuable customers.

We believe in maintaining long-lasting relationships and so, we provide you with warranties, at the time of product purchase, from the manufacturers.

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